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“I saw how Georgian tank had burnt an ossetian family who had been trying  to leave the city. Tank just had  shot their car. We could take the woman from there, but her husband and child had stayed in the burning car”.


The press-conference with Alan Kochiev (this is his “live journal”) took place in the press-centre of the Inform Agency “REGNUM” on 15th august. Alan Kochiev is the leader of youthful Ossetian diaspora in Moscow. A few weeks ago he arrived in Tzhinval – the heart of the Ossetian-Georgian war – and was an eye-witness and also one of participant of the war. On the press-conference Alan spoke about first days of the war and the defence of Tzhinval.  

                               By Alan’s words the war began not 7th august as it was said in all 

newspapers, but 1st august. “In this day Georgians snipers killed 6 men, 4 among they were civil peace inhabitants. A shell with mortars began at 2nd august. They fired on troop’s dispositions. Militiamen’s staffs and the building of the Defence Ministry were under the fire. It was enduring a week. In the evening of  7th august Georgians set the fire on habitable districts with big-size mine-throwers and volley fire plants named “Grad”, - said Alan Kochiev.  As he said all people in the city understood that the war must begin but nobody waiting for so ferocities from Georgians. Kochiev noticed that major number of the lost amongst civil population were in that night.

Alan Kochiev came to a militiamen’s staff at the morning of 8th august. He got machine-gun and a uniform there. Alan said that ossetian militiamen had been only  preparing to fight when Georgians tanks already had come to outskirts of the city. Kochiev was relegated to west side of Tzhinval to repulse tank attack. “We hadn’t the arms against tanks, - he said – we had got only machine-guns and two grenade launchers with antipersonnel grenades. However militiamen had been restraining tanks for 1 hour and hadn’t permitted they to the city”.

As a result Alan Kochiev and his comrades were compelled to retreat and conceal in cellars. They waited for appearance of the Georgian infantry there. “We thought it would go after Georgian tanks, but it wouldn’t. And entering tanks began to destroy our city. It was strange to look at soldiers who got off tanks. I saw how one tank had neared a café, Georgians took bottles with beer from there, drank it and shouted “Georgia the Great!” I saw how Georgian tank had burnt an ossetian family who had been trying  to leave the city. Tank just had  shot their car. We could take the woman from there, but her husband and child had stayed in the burning car”.

“It had been lasting till the evening, until our boys had destroyed major Georgian tanks. And finally the Georgian infantry had came at 5 p.m. Our and Russian boys had met they in a oaken coppice. And our warriors just had wiped the floor with infantry, although Georgians had military instructors from the USA.  There were so many dead people and we had lost so many soldiers that the oaken coppice was like a big cemetery”, – told Kochiev.  

By his words Georgians troops were really out for blood and there were so many acts of vandalism. “Georgian tank had came into the territory of a cemetery, run over all graves and burned the church which had been situated there,” – said the eye-witness of the Tzhinval’s occurrences.    

“These two days had been frightful. We had thought that nobody come to the aid of us. It had driven us to distraction, – Alan Kochiev remembered. – But Russian troop numbered 58th had came in time fortunately. Now I want to say thanks to they. They had saved us”.

Kochiev confirmed the information about Asian and Afro-American mercenaries who waged the war together with Georgians: “I had been said that some of they had syringes with morphin. We had found it at some dead commandos. Georgians commandos had been going to fight and hadn’t spared themselves. They had been wounded but although they had stood up and run again.  I don’t know exactly what a drug they had took but I had saw the results” – said Kochiev.

By Alan’s words forces of the Georgians regular army ended later on two days and their reserves went to fight. It was not be very difficult to conquer this sort of troops. 



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